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Shepherd & Co, has in the past secured Marks of Excellence namely in the Law Society standards namely Lexcel, Conveyancing Quality and Wills and Inheritance.  We were the first firm within a 25 mile radius to obtain the Wills and Inheritance Scheme in April 2014.   

“We first inquired about the Lexcel Quality Mark in 2004’, explained Managing Partner, Robin Shepherd, “and were informed by the Assessor at our preliminary meeting that he had not seen a practice so well prepared.  As a result of the compliment, we saw no reason to take it any further.’

In 2011, we reviewed our management plans.

As we live in an ever-changing world, a decision was made to then make a formal application.  It was then that the Law Society introduced another mark of excellence, namely the Conveyancing Quality Scheme.  We took that up, and achieved the mark in a matter of months.  Following the grant, we returned to the Lexcel application.  On conclusion of the assessment the Assessor described us as a “well run firm.”  It is one thing to believe we are doing a good job.  It is quite another for our own professional body to endorse that view.  It gives confidence to our existing clients, and assures those with whom we have yet to establish a rapport.

We continue to live in an ever-changing world, so the decision was made to reduce the bureaucracy to maintaining one quality  standard, namely in Conveyancing as some lending institutions require it. However we continue to maintain the practice in a thoroughly professional manner.

For more information on the Law Society’s Quality Schemes, visit  if you would like more information concerning our management practices contact Robin Shepherd at [email protected].

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